To the husband this may concern:

I want you to know that you are special. You are special because of all the men, in all the countries, in all the world, God selected you. He blew your face up on Heaven’s screen and said “Yep! He’s the one!” You had no idea what you were signing up for when he the pastor said “man and wife” .  God chose YOU. She’s your rescued princess from the dragon- guarded tower. Please don’t give her away. What you have she needs. She has what you need. The very thing that bugs you the most about her, is what God has given her to push you towards greatness. Please don’t push back. You came into this marriage a team. Don’t quit when it seems like you’re on a losing streak. Let God coach you through every play, Don’t blame her for the loss. Have her back and resolve to stick around for the next fight. You are her husband. You are enough. You are special. Your wife thinks the world of you. She’s just having trouble expressing it. Be patient with her. Love her deeply and on purpose. Wipe her tears. Try not to be the cause. When you hurt her, say I’m sorry. When she messes up, humbly accept her forgiveness. As she daily walks out being a better wife, don’t throw it in her face. Be transparent. Tell that she’s still the most important person in the world to you after God. Let her see you hurt and allow her to comfort you. Trust the grace that God has given her to deal with your imperfections, but don’t take it for granted. Pray for her every moment, of every hour, of everyday. Tell God how thankful you are for her. Treat her like your wife, not your mother. Tell her that she’s beautiful. She still does the little things just so you will notice. When you notice, tell her. Teach the children how to respect and honor her through your example. Be thankful that she is the kind of wife who honors you. Don’t take her meekness for weakness. If she’s lacking in any area, ask God to show you what you can do to help. When she shares her dreams, dream with her. When she is afraid, remind her that she will always have you. If all else fails and you insist that you have nothing left, remember that she chose you back and couldn’t imagine it any other way, Cherish her. Protect her. Stay with her. Whatever you do, don’t leave. Don’t go away. 


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