Mother’s Day is around the corner, and once again many of us are fledgling around, trying to figure how to honor the mothers in our lives. The rest of us, mothers ourselves, are wondering, in what ways, big and small, our loved ones will show us how much they appreciate all that we do. Regardless of where you fall in these groups, here is a non-exhaustive enumeration  of all the ways that mothers make the world go around.

  1. EVERYONE had to come through a woman. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone can attest to that! Child birth is seen as something wonderful and miraculous, not for all the glitz and glamour, but simply because pushing another human being from the inside of your body to the outside of your body, is an act of God! Not to mention the fact the womb is designed to sustain life for nine whole months! Wow! Women are incredible!
  2. Moms do all the grunt work. Don’t get it twisted-being a mama is not glamorous. It’s mostly trying your very best to make do with what little you have, and making sure that even in a pinch, your family is still able to function relatively smooth. They have no idea how long you hunt for coupons and comb through emails before you go grocery shopping. Moms major in frugality!
  3. Even when you are “grown and gone” as I’ve heard said, you are STILL your mother’s baby! You can be the eldest of her children and she still wants to take care of you when you are sick, help you think through important decisions, tell you how to take care of YOUR kids, and she always, always wants you to know how much she loves you! 
  4. Nobody cooks like mom does! My fondest memories of my mother’s cooking were her famous sweet potato pies! No one else in the family could make it like she did. Only my sister was able to get it down like her, and there hasn’t been anyone else since! To this day, when I taste sweet potato pie, no matter who makes it, I think to myself “nobody makes it better than mom did!”
  5. Mothers LOVE their sons! A mother’s love for her children is unlike anything you will ever experience, but the love a mother has for her sons is indescribable. Ladies help the men in your life honor their mothers if they are still living. You are watering a garden that will bloom even after mom is gone. 
  6. No one can be a grandparent like a mom! No offense grandpas, but Granny, Nana, Meme, Grandma, and Grammy, and Gigi have it covered. There’s nothing more precious than  watching a sweet old lady (or not so old) taking care of her grand babies. Although they are no longer caring for children of their own, they have the opportunity, to pour all of their wisdom, love and sweets (if you let them!)  into the offspring of their children. 
  7. Your mom is likely one the most sensitive women that you know. Admit it! Every once in a while she has moments where you’re trying to figure out what you did or said to make her cry! You don’t know whether to comfort her or call her back later once her menopausal episode is over LOL. Treasure those tears! Mom won’t be around for ever.
  8. It is not easy being a single mom. Motherhood in general often goes unnoticed and unrecognized. We are told that we do what any mother has to do as if it easy and stress-free. Motherhood is not a sprint, but rather a life-long marathon! Single mothers have it twice as hard! Many are often single, not of their own choosing, and fight and scrap everyday to be both mom and dad. I commend all the single mothers who have honored the Lord in the rearing of their children! You are not alone!
  9. Motherhood is a mantle given to women by God. Whether you acknowledge the Lord or not, know that the Creator of the universe hand-picked you to be the mother to the children that you have. Whether the conception of your children was planned or not, know that it was predestined by God. Remember Hannah? She made a vow to give her son to the service of the Lord if he blessed her with one. You don’t who you are rearing! He (or she) could be the next voice crying out in the wilderness. 
  10. All mothers have an acute awareness, not just of the needs of their own children, but the needs of all those around them. Anyone who has ever tried to hide their true feelings from a mother can agree with me! There is a special discernment that God gives to mothers, young and old, that allow them to minister to the needs of the people in their lives. So the next time your mother, wife, grandma, sister, aunt or sweet old church mother asks you if everything is okay, know that God can use your honesty in that moment to give you exactly what you need! 

I could easily write a book about the beauty of motherhood, and anyone else with an awesome mother could do the same! The reality is, mothers are a special gift from the Lord. God put all that goodness inside one person, who then brought you into the world. Treasure what God has put inside of the mothers in your life for you. For those of you that have lost mothers to sickness and age, I pray that the Holy Spirit would be a comfort for your hearts on this Mother’s Day and all the other days that will come along and remind you of your mom. For those others who may never have had the type of relationship with a mother that myself and others can boast about, be not dismayed! Mothers are also people too! They are as human as anyone else, and just as predisposed to mistakes due to sin just as we all are. God sent his only Son to die for your mom too! If she is still living, I would challenge you to make an effort to love on your mom just because she’s your mom. For some, that may be a tall order, depending on the circumstances of your childhood. You have even had some bumps in the road in your adult life that make it difficult to sustain a healthy relationship with your mom. Just know that God sees and he honors every heart-felt attempt you make to truly love your mother. Every mother desires the love her child, and every child desires the love of a mom. Peace and blessings to you this Mother’s Day! 



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