So it’s been quite awhile since my last post. Such is the story of my life, so aptly named in the name of this blog. Today I’d like to talk to you about something that is hard to talk about, mostly because I’m in the thick of it. My hope and prayer is that you will see this post, and as always, be encouraged, carry on your fight, and continue to trust God.

Unfortunately the word “surrender” has garnered a negative, almost frightening connotation in today’s society. Thanks to ongoing and nightmarish accounts of police brutality, a surge in senseless, mass killings, and the like, the act of surrendering seems to be for naught. To surrender literally means to give up, yield, quit or cease resistance for lack of a better word. What has happened instead, is that there is a fear of surrendering for fear that it will not stop the fight, but rather escalate it. That’s just in the natural. What about in the realm of the spirit? What happens when we surrender to God, when the fighting has heightened, we are afraid, and we are sure that our surrender will lead to retaliation on the part of the enemy? My hope is to shed some light on this in the hopes that we will not be afraid to totally and completely surrender to our Father whenever we are called upon.

In the natural, we learn very early on that not getting our way all the time is inevitable. We learn to take “NO” for an answer, and learn  that “STOP” literally means to discontinue an action. In everyday life, we are asked to surrender our way, our own personal desires and wants for that of someone else or something else (i.e. our jobs, at home, in our churches and communities). Traffic signals teach to us to be considerate of other drivers who may be traveling at different speeds and to and from different directions. A “yield sign” mandates that we allow oncoming traffic access onto a highway or road ahead of us. Yellow lights mandate that we slow down, surrender our right to drive at the speed we are at, and prepare for another change in traffic flow. Red lights tell us to come to a complete stop in order to allow other cars to safely maneuver on the road from different directions. A choice NOT to surrender, to even the most basic of traffic laws may lead to an accident(s) where we can injure ourselves or others. For the most part, we can anticipate the ramifications of not following the rules of the road, and so understand that we are taking a chance every time we choose not to follow even one of these rules. We understand the risk associated with not giving up our own way, and so, for the most part, we follow the rules.

I’d like to suggest that in our spiritual walk, there are many occasions in which total and complete surrender are required of us. Jesus answered the call to surrender when he said to God the Father, “not my will but your will be done.” He anticipated the his own suffering by way of the cross, and asked God if there was any other way his will could be accomplished. When God said no, there was no back and forth, no dispute or haggling. Instead, we saw the perfect picture of surrender, as Christ willingly surrendered his need to be connected with the Father and not endure the pain and anguish of the cross. He YIELDED to God’s plan for our redemption and closed the gap between us and God- a gap created through no fault of his own. What a wonderful, enormous example of surrender! The word of God suggests that like Jesus, our choice to surrender will come at a high cost. It will not be pleasant. It will not be easy, and it will not be convenient. We will, in essence, have to die to ourselves, our wants and desires, for the cause of Christ. Something wonderful happens when we exercise our free-will and CHOOSE to surrender to God! Yes, it is our free-will that can, and does cause us to bypass the yield signs, yellow lights and red lights of this walk. However, just like in the natural, we run the risk of suffering the consequences of these actions, and inflicting harm on others.

Women of God,  please understand that your choosing to surrender to Christ, is about so much more than just your own personal walk. People are waiting and watching you live out your convictions! The Bible says that “For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God” (Romans 8:19 ESV). Daughters in Christ, the world, your neighbor, the young lady that works in the cubicle next to you, your children, wayward spouses, and unsaved family and friends are depending on your surrender! Jesus brought salvation to an entire generation of people corrupted by sin because he made the choice to surrender to God- totally and completely! Unlike us, Jesus could see what he would have to give up when he surrendered and also what we would ultimately gain. If God granted us that type of sight we would probably demand the shortcut. Unfortunately, there is no short cut for the glory of God to be revealed in the earth. Even the son of God could not avoid the way of suffering. Our choice to follow Jesus, wholeheartedly comes at a cost. We become targets for the enemy, but also ambassadors for the kingdom. What an honor and a privilege to be called of God to carry his glory and make his name great in the earth!

To the women in the trenches right now for Christ, standing for marriages, you are not alone! Whether your spouse is physically presented while emotionally and spiritually disconnected or has left the home, understand your waiting is not in vain. Ask God for the strength to help you wait, yield, and surrender to Him with grace and humility. His word says “that His strength is made perfect in our weakness.” When you feel yourself getting weary, understand that someone is waiting for you to be revealed as a child of God. Your spouse needs to see your example, your children need to see you in total surrender, and the world at large needs to understand that there is no danger in total surrender to God. Remember, God promises “never to leave you or forsake you.” Honor the covenant you made with God concerning your mate and know that he will honor you. God bless you daughters in Christ!



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