Today I had the awesome opportunity to become familiar with what will be probably the most daring venture I have ever attempted! I got to hear some awesome people who are already accomplished and successful with this particular undertaking. I realized that like  me, they arrived at a point in their lives where they were ready for more. I’m ready for more.

I mentioned yesterday that I had the pleasure of spending the entire evening with some friends of mine from my job. One of them I have been friends with for a few years and we’ve recently gotten closer. The other young lady is someone I’ve worked with for about two years. I had the opportunity this past school year to work very closely with her and something about just connects with me! It’s one of those incredible situations where you know somehow God divinely set you up.  There is no other way to explain what she has added to my life in just a short time. Both of these women inspire me to pursue my dreams and challenge me not to make excuses about to doing everything I can to be everything that I can.

I guess that’s what today taught me. There are people who you will cross paths with in this life that will appear not to be of any more significance than anyone else who has been in your life at any given point. Then there are others, who God sends for specific purposes. They seem to be right there at those important crossroads in your life, right when it seems you are in a make it or break it type situation. It’s possible that these individuals may seem to appear out of nowhere. Other times they have been there all along. Whatever the reason, the Bible is clear about what happens when people join together for a common goal, especially one in which the betterment of others is involved.  He commands the blessing!

Today I want you to think about who those people are that you have been recently or are already connected to. If there is something happening in your life where you are undergoing some level of transformation, there is likely someone involved in that process. You never know who will show up with the extra push, or extra resolve that you need to walk right into your destiny. I’m not suggesting that every single person that enters your life when something major is taking place, is someone who you should immediately connect yourself to. That could prove fatal for where you are headed if it’s the wrong person! What I am saying, is that you should keep you eyes open. Ask God to show you who those people are that are tied to your greatness. You will not become all you are meant to be alone! If you allow God to lead you along this walk, he will surely send you the people who will be there to cheer you on. I’m excited about what God is doing in my life and I hope that you are just as excited and ready for what is doing in yours.


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