Today’s post will be shorter than usual. There were no adventurous plans today that took me out of the house like the last couple of days. Today was much more mellow and relaxing. I enjoyed a day at home with my family, and for the most part, it was a good day. I spent a lot of time on my blog, discovering different bloggers and doing some writing of my own.

It’s late and I’m tired so I’ll be quick with today’s lesson learned. Plain and simple, the enemy does not want you to get where God wants you to be! He wants you to quit long before you reach your destination. Earlier I mentioned that I had people in my life right now that I believe God had divinely connected me to for this  moment in my life. Here’ s a secret- Satan HATES those connections. It’s even worse if the people you’re connected to are in Christ. The last few days since I made this commitment to declare war against the devil and be better a person, wife,  and mother, has come at a serious cost to my flesh. I mean, there have been some days where I was sure I was done trying. That’s when the Holy Spirit jumps in to help me get over that hurdle.

The end of my day took a sharp left turn. I found myself dealing directly with the enemy. I felt frustration and irritation begin to creep in. As soon as I could I began to earnestly seek God about how I was feeling. Women our feelings are real. It doesn’t matter how we try to keep them under wraps. We are human. God gives us access to him so we can vent and rant about our issues. I understand that by heading down this road I would encounter resistance from the enemy. I’ve accepted that to deny my flesh is an act of war. So be it! There’s no way around it. My expectations about what God is doing  are now through the roof. I trust that the trouble is in place to stop me. But I won’t stop. I just can’t.


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