Forgive me for the second post in a day in my “getting it back” series! I did not post about yesterday until today, so I’m knocking out two for the price of one. I will make sure to divulge the happenings of every single day of this journey, even if it’s just a few sentences worth of information. Not surprisingly, after talking about the importance of not allowing the enemy to get the better of you earlier today, another blogger, beautybeyondbones,  talked about the Holy Spirit and how we can miss when He is moving because we aren’t looking for him.  I agree with her, and I’d also like to posit that not only can we have  a weak sense of the spirit of God, but we can and do adhere to our flesh instead of walking by the Spirit. What a mess WE, excuse me, I, make of things when the flesh takes over. So on this day, as we get it back for another day, I want to talk about our helper, the Holy Spirit.

First let me start off by saying this: I don’t want anyone to think that this journey is about me ignoring the issues in my life and reclaiming my independence in any way that less than brings honor to God. I also don’t want anyone to be misled by the title of this blog series, “Getting it Back”. However, this is absolutely about reclaiming who I am as a woman of God, in the natural and as it pertains to the spirit. Yes, it is extremely important to maintain physical appearance, overall health, and wellness in general.  However, all of that adorning is for naught if Christ doesn’t reside on the inside of you. That can be super difficult to balance though when you feel beat up by the trials of life. Anyway, moving forward now! The Holy Spirit is indeed our helper! He’s a teacher, a guide, and brings everything back to our remembrance according to the scriptures. Even more important than that, the Holy Spirit is the spirit of God. Isn’t God awesome?! Not only did he send his Son, but he then turned around and left his Spirit in the earth to lead and guide an entire generation of believers who would never see Jesus perform miracles or rise from the dead. It’s that same Holy Spirit that led me into this journey that I’m currently walking and opening up to you about. The Spirit of God is an attachment to everyone who is in Christ. We have access to Him. The question is, do we take advantage of His power, and what happens when we don’t?

I think we can answer the latter of those two questions fairly easily. When we decide to act without the consultation and influence of God’s Spirit, we act WITH the consultation and influence of another spirit. Making a decision without talking to God about it first means that you are choosing to consult with your flesh about it instead. Satan is all about the flesh, so you may as well include him in that meeting of the minds also. The Bible says that the spirit of God, “guides us in ALL truth” (John 16:13). It is not a partial truth about some things that God gave us his Word for. His Spirit of truth, leads us in all things that are truth. That stands to reason that anything contrary to the Word of God, no matter who’s saying it, is NOT the truth! This is what the enemy is banking on us forgetting in times of adversity. He is sure that trials and trouble will make us reason within ourselves about our situation instead of looking to Jesus, “the author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). Unfortunately, we do just what the enemy thinks we will do. We divorce because we believe that marriage is more about our happiness than it is about sanctification and bringing glory to God. We commit adultery because if our spouse cared about us they would meet every single one of our needs all the time, when scripture tells us that “God will supply all our needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). This is what the Holy Spirit attempts to whisper into our hearts as we endure suffering and hardship. These are the precepts upon which we should build our hopes concerning anything pertaining to this life.

10296734_235386930144236_1093766467_nEarlier I mentioned that there are many times in marriage, and in life, that I want to respond exactly how I feel. The reasons why vary. “He needs to know how I feel”, and,”She is asking for it”, or “I’m tired of him getting away with that” and, “I’m about to show him what’s up”. I KNOW I’m not alone here! The list goes on and on! The part of us that can still feel, hurt, and want to do something about how we feel, is also the part of us that is so hard keep under control: our flesh. That human, carnal part of our existence that is constantly at war the Spirit of God in us, sometimes does more of the talking and walking. I’m guilty of it. I have thought about things that I thank God never saw the light of day. Other thoughts have been so ugly that I wonder how they even came from me. What keeps me grounded in times of sever disappointment and hurt is nothing more than the Holy Spirit. I couldn’t endure what I have endured in my life simply through willpower alone. I’m not strong enough and I don’t always have it together. Most days I’m just thankful that I had the desire to get out of the bed and face the day. Even on my worst days, I have learned to see the Holy Spirit as a friend and confidant. Many times he is my only friend and my only confidant. He’s there to remind me that I am of supreme importance to God and he will never leave me or forsake me. I can cling to that when I hear that or sense it because I know it’s the truth. On the opposing end of the struggle, the enemy has a voice too. He tries, as he’s been doing since the beginning of time,  to discredit the truth of God’s word. “Well you know she’s never going to be as loving as Bob’s wife. Just start over with someone else.” How about “If God loves you so much, why didn’t he give you someone who was nicer, kinder, prettier, more handsome than him or her?” The enemy KNOWS the word of God and he KNOWS that it has power. Remember the word of God became flesh (Jesus) and walked among us. What else do you know that has that kind of power? How can we afford not to let the Holy Spirit operate fully in our lives?

Simply put, we cannot operate in a manner that brings glory to God, without allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way in our lives. I ask God every day to help me become more aware and more sensitive to his Spirit. I don’t ever want my voice to be louder than the voice of God. I want to be in a place with God, where I am so convinced of Him knowing what is best for me that I don’t make decisions, big or small without hearing what he has to say on the matter. I am not perfect, but I am learning to appreciate when the Holy Spirit shows up in my daily situations, and completely takes over. All I can offer up is “Thank you Lord for stepping in before I messed that one up!” We are so precious to God! I stressed that a few posts back. We are indeed his masterpiece and he wants us to win in every area of our life. Just like he mapped out a plan for our triumph in Christ Jesus, Satan has mapped out a plan for our demise. “The thief cometh not but for to kill, steal and to destroy” (John 10:10). That’s it! That’s the only thought that crosses his mind each and every time that he mounts up an attack against you. He is not handing out flowers or sending you Edible Arrangements. He is not starting college funds for your children or encouraging you to allow your marriage to be the platform on which you can point people to Jesus. He’s not here for any of that and he will use whomever makes themselves available. He will use you and he will use your spouse, because he doesn’t care about using the people we love to drive a wedge between us and God. That’s as clear and simple as it gets. There is no elaborate plan. He wants us out of the will of God. The Holy Spirit communicates God’s will to us, and sometimes tough times make it harder to hear Him, but it doesn’t mean He’s not speaking. Listen to the voice of God’s Spirit and do what he asks of you on this journey. It will not be comfortable or easy, but nothing worth having ever really is. I say all of this as I lay next to someone who I’m in constant prayer for, and am standing in the gap for and fighting with the enemy about. It is not easy by any means, but I am determined to see the glory of God at work in my marriage! Determine to let the Holy Spirit take complete control of your life!



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