It’s hard to believe that the “Getting it Back” series is one week old today! I know that my blog is fairly new, but I am thankful to every person that has ever stopped by to check me out, and even gone so far as to follow and read. If only two people are encouraged to continue to hope for better days ahead, it will be worth every single post!

Yesterday I talked about how we are given the gift of rest in between the battles we face in our lives. While we understand that rest doesn’t signify the end of a battle, we can trust that God grants us these moments of serenity and tranquility, to assist in forging ahead when the next fight comes. In Psalm 23, David paints a beautiful picture of how faithful God is in every stage of our lives. If we are beside calm waters and thriving in green pastures, He is there. In the valley of the shadow of death, we can consciously and confidently choose not to fear evil because God is with us! Our good shepherd is even gracious enough to before us table of full of sustenance right in the midst of our enemies! God does indeed grant us rest when we least expect it. Though his spirit resides within us, he makes provision for our humanity by seeing our need to just rest in him, and then giving us exactly what we need. How awesome is that! Sometimes we just get used to fighting that we anticipate that’s all we will ever be doing. We are absolutely thrust into seasons we spend a lot of time on the battlefield. However we serving a God who takes care of us and doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Even in the midst of adversity, he makes a promise never to leave us or forsake us.



Today was very similar to yesterday, but different. God granted me rest, yet again but in a different way. Not only was I able to  rest in spirit, I also got the opportunity to rest in the natural. Now mind you I have three children all under the age of 2, and two-thirds of them are boys age 18 months! I bet you’re wondering how much rest I could have possibly managed with all that. The answer is more than I normally get! Anyway, while the day itself didn’t change, as in I still had little ones to run after, there was no extra frustration or aggravation about any of it. I was able to complete the physical tasks of maintaining the household and God was right there leading me beside still waters. There is no getting around trouble in this life, but you can get through it with Jesus walking right alongside you.

I did get an opportunity to leave the house this evening for a couple of hours. As you may  or may not know, this is a huge commitment I’m making as a part of this journey. I’m making it my business to find a reason to leave my home every week! Whether it’s to engage in a new experience, hang out with friends or do something just for myself, I’m making an honest effort to get outside of my four walls. So far it’s going very well! I’m encouraged by every moment of this walk. I have the opportunity to walk it out in front of the people I love, and that makes me want to go even harder! I’ve said before that you never know who is watching you. We assume that we are living examples for people who we would consider strangers our acquaintances, but I would reason that there are some loved ones who live right under our roof  or are in very close proximity and are watching us. They want to see if we actually believe what we say when we are talking to them about God and using scripture in our conversations. Don’t be alarmed if it seems like those you love, particularly your spouse or someone else who is extremely close to you, becomes distant or different during this time. It’s not you, it’s the enemy! Whatever changes take place in you, will precipitate change in the people around you. The devil isn’t about seeing anyone changed or set free! Also people will began to experience conflict or conviction within  themselves, because the Holy Spirit tends to stir things up when he gets involved! The sooner you see that, the better you will be able to deal with opposition.

I would love to be able to tell you that rest signals the end of whatever fiery trial you are facing. In truth, I really can’t tell you anything about what you are facing, because only you know what that is. What I can do is point you to the truth of God’s word, and regardless of whatever it is you are struggling through, God certainly has something to say about it! Everything you need to fight AND win, is in the word of God. If it seems like I talk about Jesus a lot, it’s because I love him a whole lot, and I am acutely aware of his love and his thoughts about me. It’s a love that I don’t deserve and could never earn. This kind of love causes me to stay quiet when I want to respond to something I don’t like. It helps me to think clearly through stressful situations. I’ve even experienced peace in the midst of turmoil because of the love of Jesus on the inside of me. Sometimes it’s just way too much to explain, which is why I pray you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself! I want you to experience the kind of rest that comes from trusting in God as you fight for the things that you are called to battle for. We may be fighting for people right now that aren’t fighting for us and may even seem to be fighting against us, but know that are our fight and the many battles we face our with the enemy. While we are resting, let’s not get caught off guard and let us remember always that our Father in Heaven knows exactly what we need, and he will never allow us to take on more than what we are capable of. Keep fighting it! Keep gettin’ it!



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