Whew! Today was a day! My 6 month old baby girl is still AWAKE and talking to herself in her baby bed, instead of sleeping like I thought nursing her would lead to. That’s a pretty good clue as to how my day went. God is good! Those days of “rest” that I’ve been telling you about, I needed, because today was not about rest at all. 

Sometimes our fighting is super intense with the enemy. Things are so severe that it’s like an all out brawl, anyone who can hold a weapon will be fighting type of deal. Today, thank the Lord wasn’t exactly like that. I found myself fighting against me, me and me! I’m thinking cool, two days of rest and one more coming for three straight days in a row! Yes Lord, I need all of that! The Lord and I were not on the same page LOL! One thing I have learned about God for sure is that when you ask him to develop you in any area of your life, He absolutely will. If you need to grow in the area of self-control, here God comes with a situation in which you have to exercise some level of self-control. Need to practice forgiveness? Oh, well here, have some “best friend talking behind my back” or “loved one mistreating me over and over again.” Do you see where I’m going with this? God loves putting us through tests, that well, test us! He only does it to promote growth in our walk so that we can fully operate in the fruits of the Spirit. Now, with that being said, there are times when the Lord  will send trouble your way, unsolicited, so that you can grow up! Responding like the issue is a nuisance or the people involved are the problem, may very well indicate that God is most definitely trying to help you work through some things. The more you push back, the more you will be tested! God IS patience! He will keep sending tests until you get it together.

The enemy is just as determined to test you, except his intentions are entirely different. God wants to prove you worthy. The devil wants to prove you’re a fraud. Honestly, I think sometimes we make it way to easy for the enemy! The Bible tells us not to be ignorant of the enemies devices (the tools he uses to entrap us and cause us to stumble). Yet somehow things happen that make us look like we’ve never heard of the devil, much less that he is our enemy! Satan is acutely aware of God’s hand in our lives. I think that’s why today I was so hypersensitive to every single thing that could possibly send my thoughts into a tail spin. I  found myself going down the rabbit hole, visibly irritated and frustrated about the very thing that I say I’m fighting to protect! The more frequent the occurrences that led to my attitude, the farther my thoughts got away from ones that were pleasing to the Lord. I mean I’m now so irritated that I find myself prideful, sure that I have everything and then some so he’s obviously tripping, clueless, ungrateful or all three! I’m being real here you guys! My mind was starting to get away from me. I found myself thinking the worst of my partner in life and assuming the worst about everything that was being said or done. Mind you this is all taking place in my mind! At this point, I finally snapped out of it and began to take those thoughts captive. People you eventually have to snap out of it! You cannot build a case around your spouse, friend, loved one, whoever, solely based on what you THINK is happening or how you THINK you are being mistreated. I’m not suggesting you ignore actually sin or maltreatment. Deal with that stuff and deal with the enemy. What I am saying is that God told us in his Word that we can take those thoughts captive and make them subject to the name of Jesus Christ, because we actually can! It wasn’t a suggestion. It’s something we must do on a daily basis. 

Why is it that we spend so much time focused on unhealthy, negative thoughts? It’s simple really… easy access. We don’t have to research bad thoughts. We have access to free content right there in our heads! Does it mean that we should shove every bad thing that happens way down deep in an effort to suppress negative thinking! No I’m not saying that. We need to deal with the things that hurt us and cause us to think differently about the people that we love. Thankfully God has a recipe for that! He says that we can “cast all of our cares on him, because he cares for us” ( 1 Peter 5:7). What a relief! We don’t actually have to handle all that ugly stuff alone. We can give it Jesus, because he is well-equipped to handle it. The enemy is hoping that you will allow those issues to swallow you up and make you stop living. I was well on my way to that point. I felt like my life was spiraling out of control and there was nothing that I could do about it. It was only the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit reminding me that God would never leave me or forsake me, that got me through, and I am still relying on that voice even as I share with you. We always consider the fighting we will do in other more common areas of our life, but we forget about the fact that the enemy is waging war on our minds. That’s why we must not allow even the smallest of thoughts to run away with us. Shut that stuff down before it’s too late! Give your issues, worries and concerns to The One who has mastered every storm that you are facing and will gladly take the burden for you. 



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