I’m going to give you the quick and dirty today and then be on my way! Nothing personal, but I feel that sleep thing coming on and I know as my eyes begin to nod, my hands will travel aimlessly on my keyboard.  I am committed though, so this is happening, typos and all!

First of all, and totally unrelated, why do boys of the toddler variety have so much unending energy?! I mean it, they have energy enough for my entire house. I mentioned that I have twin boys who will be two in a few months. They are an absolute hand full! It is so quiet and orderly in my home when they are napping as they do faithfully every single day (I won’t allow any deviations LOL). I know that the nap doesn’t do anything but help them get reenergized for when it is time to wake up! So that was my day, along with my precious baby girl who decidedly attempted to obliterate my plans to leave the house this evening by having a breakdown when I attempted to lay her down so that I could get myself together. Mind you, she’s been pretty chill all day. Try as she might though, I made it out of the house, and she was nursed and sleep before I left!

Wonderful, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to heart of the matter. Today I happened to “stumble” across several videos and articles, all with their foundational concepts based in scripture, that made me take inventory of myself and my motivations for taking this journey. By stumble, I mean the Holy Spirit directed my fingers to type in certain words and certain videos to find their way to my home page on YouTube. I am going to share one of those videos with you that I thought was extremely powerful. To put it plainly though, I realized that we really don’t know the men we are connected to. Ok, I’ll make it personal. I really don’t know the man I’m connected to! Now before you jump to conclusions, let me just say that he is an incredible man. He’s hard working, thoughtful in the most unexpected ways and a loving father to our three baby birds. What I am saying is, those deeply rooted, age-old things that make him who he is TODAY, are strange to me. I know his likes, dislikes, habits and most foundational principles that he’s built his life on. The other things that I’ve been made privy to concerning him that have not come directly from his mouth or a relative’s mouth, have been revealed to me via the Holy Spirit. I am not even kidding.

Now obviously I’m not going to share those things with you as they are of a very personal and sensitive. Let me park right here and say this. I am speaking directly to wives and women seeking to be a wife- IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO TELL YOUR HUSBAND WHAT THE LORD HAS SHOWN YOU ABOUT HIS MAKEUP AND YOU SHOULD NEVER USE THAT KNOWLEDGE AGAINST HIM. When the Holy Spirit reveals intimate, personal details about the person we love, it is always to help us deal with them in a more understanding, prayerful and thoughtful way. It is never to use the information to shame them, slander them, throw them under the bus, and more yourself look closer to God than they are. God didn’t allow you to see what you saw because you’re so special and deep and spiritual. He didn’t reveal to you the inner workings of your mate because you have it going on. This message is also for husband or men seeking a wife. If you are entrusted with sensitive information concerning your mate, you need to be trustworthy. Use discernment and how you choose to use the information you are allowed to see and ask God for clear direction on how to proceed. Sometimes when we are given clarity about people in general, we think it’s our job to use what we have “discovered” and go “fix” them. I don’t ever want to be guilty of mishandling information concerning my spouse because I thought I was God’s super secret agent and he had need of me. Please understand that God doesn’t need us, we need him. He CHOOSES to include US in HIS plans, not the other way around. So when you are given top secret access to the depths of your mate’s heart, honor those sacred places as God uses you to bring about healing and change.

The changes though start with you. There’s nothing worse than a person who only sees the issues of those around them, yet is totally clueless as to their own mounting issues. We can used mightily by God refusing to grow, refusing to change, and refusing to allow God to conform us into his image through our marriages. This journey we are on can take us many different directions and will cause to have a great deal of new experiences as we face challenges that will test our faith and our sanity. The Bible says that “God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise” (1 Corinthians 1:27). God doesn’t need your intellect or know-how to accomplish his will in the earth. He can anything! He chooses to give us insight into the things that happened in the sprit with our spouses in the hopes that we will use that information to fight smarter, pray harder and love deeper. You can do it, if you allow God to do it through you.

Check this awesome video out! Such a timely mesage!

“The Untold Truth About Men”, by T.D. Jakes



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