Day 16 people! Let’s get to it!

There is a chance. There is a chance, though I pray it not be that way for you, that nothing will change externally. What I mean to say is there is a chance, that in the midst of deciding to walk out your journey, allowing God to stretch your faith, and develop a greater sense of your worth in Him and your purpose, there is still a chance that your spouse will not change. I say spouse in relation to my own personal journey. For you, it may be a certain group of friends, extended family, your coworkers or your boss. Whatever or whomever has prompted you to step out and choose to live a fuller more abundant life, like the one God promises in his word, those details may remain the same. The isolation may continue. The rejection may happen again. That marriage may end with you still fighting and refusing to quit! Your coworkers may never treat you like you belong, and your boss may never give you the raise you so deserve. Guess what? God is not moved by these circumstances. His plans for us are for good and not for evil. People will never do what you think they should. The purpose of this journey isn’t to make anyone change. It’s to make a deliberate effort to be apart of the changes God wants to make in you. Stay the course friend! It may very well get worse before it gets better, but no matter what the outcome is, God is still in control. 



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