God gave me relief today. Not rest, because there was still battling to be done, though not as intense. His Word though,  was as refreshing today as a stream of fresh water. I’ve learned to tell the difference between my own thoughts just kind of wondering around about the things of God, and when the Holy Spirit speaks specific scriptures into my soul, reminding me that God’s word does not return void, that it accomplishes what it sets out to do. That feeling, of knowing the word of God is real and alive… it’s worth every fight I’ve been thrown into. 

I want to caution against this false sense of security in “temporal circumstances”. Sometimes when what we hear seem to confirm what it is we are thinking and feeling, we lean towards thinking that the worst of our trial is over, and we can rest easy. I daresay I’m guilty of taking a short sleep, or relishing with ignorant bliss, that my breakthrough is right around the corner, and I’m nearing the end of my trial. The truth couldn’t be further from this. The reality is, God uses His Word not to relax us,  but to remind us of his promises concerning us. When we get in the thick of our issues, and we seem the most alone, God will whisper a word that you can use later when you’re weary and beat down. Just before I went to bed, I had a really open, honest, conversation with God about my situation. If I was talking to another person the way I was talking to God, I wouldn’t definitely have asked that they not share it.  I was naked and bare before God about my real feelings, because it makes no sense to sugar coat things with our Father. He knows the real you anyway. I make it a habit to do this so as not to bad-mouth to friends, family or anyone who will listen. I do it to ensure my witness isn’t destroyed because I’ve allowed what is happening to me to determine how I will display my emotions. Regardless of how messy your situation gets, you can always maintain control. It’s important for even your emotions to be under the subjection of Jesus Christ. I had that moment and was able to hear God respond to how I felt, and respond to my prayers to him concerning my needs and the needs of my home.


The end result was that one of the pastors at the church I’ve starting attending, began to preach and teach directly about what I’ve been praying about and what God has been showing me about my life at this moment. I did not hear it and get excited because I was so right, but rather that God’s word was true! A complete stranger spoke directly to my situation by choosing to be obedient to what the Holy Spirit asked him to share with the people that day. He did not know that I would be in one of those chairs. As a matter of fact, he does not know me at all. What I do know, is that there is something special that happens when you are with other believers, hearing the word of God. There’s nothing spooky or mysterious about what happens when believers come together to hear from God and worship and praise him. It took me so long to come this realization in my walk, and I can see now the truth in the Bible telling us not to forsake fellowship. If you are connected to the right people, with a heart for the things of God, and not religion, you can experience a freshness of the Holy Spirit. I’m committed to forging ahead, because I know my Father hears me, and when I speak his Word, I get his attention. Speak God’s word back to him and see if He won’t be to you, exactly what you need Him to be in your time of need. 


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