I read a devotion earlier this morning that really helped me understand where I’m at during this stage in my life, and maybe even why I’m here. It was titled “Loving when It’s Not Convenient”. The writer shared a personal moment in her life when she decided to give up her spot in a very long, slow-moving line, just to help an elderly woman carry her food to her car. It meant she would lose her spot in the line at her favorite coffee house, but it also meant someone would have an opportunity to see the love of Jesus Christ demonstrated.

Interestingly enough, I have almost weekly conversations with a woman who has become like an older sister to me. She shares with me her heart concerning why she lives out her Christian convictions, and is a wellspring of wisdom when I need it the most. She is the one that often reminds me that my choice to stand tall during this season of adversity in my life, is an opportunity for my loved ones to see the Jesus Christ that I profess to know, working in me and through me. We generally end our conversations with me telling her, “I’m going to keep going, because someone is watching.”

Someone is watching. This simple truth is so profound yet easily lost in everyday situations. What opportunities are we passing up to show people Jesus? What if the fiery trials in my life aren’t just about my issues, but about pointing someone else toward The One who can handle those issues? The love of Christ is powerful, but it’s often inconvenient. It doesn’t make it not worth it. 



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