In the midst of keeping with the theme of this series, I just want to make something perfectly clear… the enemy doesn’t fight fair, but he can only get away with what God allows him to get away with. I have to remind myself this as I live through the things that  I write to you about. If it’s happening to me, God knows about it. If God knows about it, then I can trust that he has a plan for the trouble. 

This is so important to understand! We often think that the issues we have in our relationships with those closest to us exist in a vacuum. We attribute marital discord to lack of communication, and the break up of a family to irreconcilable differences. Our relationships with one another are opportunities for us to display and experience the character of Christ. Do you really think the enemy is going to let that go down without a hitch? Absolutely not! While God fashions adversity to test us and make us more like him, the enemy inserts himself into our issues with one intention- to destroy our witness. If we fail to live like Christ, we can’t make disciples, and if there are no disciples, no one hears the gospel. The enemy does not want you to be walk in the light of Jesus Christ. He doesn’t want your husbands, wives and children to know that they don’t have to be slaves to sin. The family unit is the means by which a legacy of godliness can be carried out. It’s no wonder than that marriage is under such an attack! 

Whatever your reason for choosing to engage your life and struggles in a such a way that    you are intentional in living above the fray and purposeful in not allowing whatever you are going through to draw you away from Christ, know that it will not come easy. For thirty days, I’ve been sharing what the Holy Spirit has deposited into me during this time.  This series may only be a month long, but what I’m facing has been going on much longer. I share my heart with you from a place of sincerity and a desire to point you towards the help that you need. This is not an advice post. I don’t have all the answers on marriage and relationships, and I’m not more qualified than the next person to tell you anything. I’m just armed with confidence in the fact that God sent his son Jesus Christ, to model for us the right way to handle trouble. I have access to the person of Holy Spirit when I am unsure of how to handle myself. The Holy Spirit has had to talk me off of some very real emotional ledges. Allow Him to do the same for you! You don’t have to deal with your issues in obscurity and you don’t have walk through your journey burdened down by your hurt. Drawing close to God may be all you can rely on during this season in your life. Just know that’s enough. The word of God says “if you draw close to him, he will draw close to you” (James 4:8). I’m telling what I have experienced in my own life. You can do this! Walk in the strength of God, and allow him to help you through whatever it is you are dealing with. 


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