I’m back at it again today! My emotions are definitely a bit more dialed back than they were yesterday. You may not have been able to tell by the way I was writing, I but super charged like five minutes before I started that post! Moments like that though that are honest, and real and raw, help me to provide content for my readers that is both relatable and inspiring. I’m just grateful to have a platform where I can do that and maybe help someone get through what they are going through along the way!

Now that we are thirty-one days into “getting it back” I’m asking myself the same question I am sure anyone who’s been following this series has asked: “For how long will we be getting it back, Jessica?” That’s a wonderful question and I have no idea how long this will last! That brings me to the point that I want to make in this post. The truth is we never know how long we go through whatever it is we are going through. It may last for an extended period of time.

It may be short and brief.

No matter how long we face what we face, we cannot allow the circumstances to determine how we are going to live our lives. The reality is, the things that take the most out of us, can also deposit the most into us. Tough times teach us that we are strong and capable of handling more than we think we can. When we choose to smile in the face of hurt and pain, we make the word of God true, and the joy of the Lord really becomes our strength. When we decide to meet the needs of others and pour love into them, when our own needs go unmet, and we are in desperate of love ourselves, we become dependent on God himself being everything that we could ever need.

So then what comes to break you, can actually make you. There is no reason for what may be the most difficult issues I’ve ever faced, to completely define me for the rest of my life. Your hardship doesn’t have to define you either.

I’m not trying to distract from the very real things that are challenging you in every area of your life. The fight that you are in right now is not imagined. It is as real as you and I.

If your situation never changes, what then? If my situation never changes, then what? This could very well be the case. Maybe my highest and best use to the Lord, is to show the world how to persevere and thrive despite difficulty. Maybe your best and highest use in this life is to point others to Jesus by your choice to love the people around you unconditionally and on purpose.

So while I don’t know how long I’ll be “getting it back” much less how long I will write about it, I know the love of God never changes. I can be all that I am supposed to be in this moment and represent Christ while I’m doing that. I can struggle and thrive. I can go without in the natural, and take losses, and know that God will fill in every gap and be to me what people can’t be. Whatever the end of this looks like, I know, and you need to know, that if God has anything at all to do with it, it will work out. Maybe not the way you thought it would, and it may look completely different when it’s all said and done, but things will work out according to the purposes and plans that God has for your life.

Keep fighting. Keep getting it back.


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