Has anyone seen what’s going on in the news these days? Maybe that seems like a really silver-haired person kind of question, but I’m asking lol. Hubby decided to turn the television on for me as I’m still awake and he has to go bed (not that I really watch it like that at this hour). However tonight, I was tuned in to whatever was on the screen while I was waiting for my sleepy time tea. It’s delicious by the way. That’s not what’s important though. What’s important is that I decided to pay attention to the news tonight, and learned some startling, yet not surprising things about my community and my world at large. 

First of all, you can tell a lot about what people actually care about most, or at least what your hometown is trying to posit as the “standard of living” when you watch the local news. Mind you this may not be “news” to you because you may be an avid watcher of your local news. I’m not, and so this is a discovery for me.  I quickly noticed that the newsworthy information that flooded my screen depicted a community where people take lives, go against societal norms, create legitimate access to once illegal substances, and violate physical boundaries through rape and abuse. I know this isn’t news to any of us- we know what’s going on in our world at large. Our ears perk up at the big news stories that make it on our timelines and feeds, but what about the news that’s happening in our cities? Counties? Streets? 

The world around us is changing. It’s no longer safe to allow our children to play outside unsupervised. We have to second guess whether or not an individual will provide us with the services they advertise without trying to take advantage of us. People are being killed at normal, every day events like concerts and gatherings. Parents are abusing their children. For the sake of not depressing you, I won’t continue. The truth is sad, maybe even scary, but it’s our reality.

News isn’t what’s happening in that city you’ve never heard of or that state you’ve never visited. It’s happening in YOUR streets, YOUR cities, and in YOUR states. Listening to professional journalists talk about things that are happening to real people, reminded me yet again of our need for God. Even as I write, I can hear a report of a gunmen opening fire somewhere. I didn’t hear all the details and I don’t really need them. Someone was hurt. Someone else will have to live some portion of their life like an animal in a cage. I know that God sees all and is in complete control, but I can’t help but wonder where his head is at in the midst of our daily news. Whatever he is thinking the Bible has already said that he does think the way that we do, and isn’t moved by what moves us. That’s comforting if nothing else. Our Heavenly Father watches the same news we watch, and doesn’t quit being God. It’s heavy for us, it makes us want to keep our kids locked away, and it certainly makes it even harder to trust the average person. What it does not dictate is whether or not we will trust God. Whether we keep up with what’s happening around us or not, things are still going on beyond our control. The world is changing and so are the people. In the midst of this, we serve a God who never changes, no matter how dismal our news. 


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