So this post comes after some bubbly, paired with popcorn and white fudge pretzels.  Yes. It’s as good as it sounds. Don’t be alarmed! This post won’t be the result of some drunken stupor I have found myself in. Also I’m not drunk. What I am is hopeful. Thanks to a visit to a potential new home and some lovely conversation with a nice lady named Rosalinde, I am hopeful. Things don’t just happen. There’s purpose behind everything.

My lease is coming up on the first and only apartment I have ever lived in with my spouse. It was the first home we found together as overly excited newlyweds-to-be, and the place we welcomed all three of our little ones into the world. It’s also been the location of the some the most challenging times in my life. I’ve cried more in this apartment than I ever have in my entire life. My prayer life went to another level in this apartment. I developed a deep, personal, “not my mama, not my daddy, but it’s me oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer” type of relationship with the Lord. I became a real life adult in this apartment! So needless to say, the idea of parting ways with it, while necessary because they keep going up on rent,  kind of tugs at my heart-strings. There are things I wish I could have done over while I lived here, but I know in my heart that moving past this place is the only way I will ever get a chance to be better than I when I first began. 

Okay  so back to Rosalinde. Let me first say that as a Christian, there are moments in my relationship with the Lord where I need to be affirmed as one of his children. What I mean to say is, every once in a while, I just want to an experience, be it big or small, that reminds that I belong to God.

That experience happened today, thanks a lovely woman named Rosalinde. 

I went into the leasing office expecting to have a quick continuation of the conversation I had begun on the phone. It definitely started off that way. However, I have this very keen ability to connect with people, even if just on a social level, that I’m sure comes from God. I’m sure that he put it in Mrs. Rosalinde too. 

What started as a conversation about finding a larger, yet more affordable space in which to move my little family, turned into an opportunity to tell this woman how God had been taking care of us all this time despite how much we were paying in rent. That’s when it happened. 

I watched her face light up as I talked about the Lord, and I knew I had entered that moment. There was no voice from heaven or anything like that, but I was sure this was my moment to openly talk about the Lord. And it was. 

To my surprise, and delight, I quickly realized Mrs. Rosalinde was also a Christian and was prepared to share her faith with me as well. The rest, shall we say, is history. 

That conversation was the most unexpected show of God’s love I’ve experienced in quite some time. I had come there feeling the pressure of having the primary responsibility of finding us somewhere to live within a certain timeframe. I left confident in one thing- I was a child of God, and  a complete stranger knew it! There I was, openly identified as a partaker in the grace made accessible to us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It wasn’t just something that I knew at home or in my car. Now someone else knew too. 

Can I share something with you? You have no idea when the Lord will choose to identify you in the earth. The way in which he chooses may be small and ordinary or grand and monumental. The point is, you need to be ready. Be ready to represent Christ everywhere you, no matter who you engage. The cashier at your grocery store needs to know that you love Jesus. Your neighbor needs to know that you love Jesus and that they aren’t walking with him alone. Your friend needs to know that you are young and fun and in love with Jesus. I know sometimes life happens and we make mistakes. The enemy will lie and say that God could never continue to bestow his grace and mercy on somebody that has messed up as bad you have. Newsflash: THE DEVIL IS A HATER, AND HATERS GON’ HATE! God is not blind to your wrong, but his word says he’s faithful and just to forgive your wrongdoing and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. We have his word that he’ll do that.

So the next time you are handling whatever business you handle, ask God for a chance. Ask him to give you a platform, no matter how big or small the audience, to mention him. Because believe it or not, someone out there is waiting to see you identified as one of God’s children. 


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